Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Mark Foster Mission, Promotional Photography and a Parody Poster

Part I
- - -
A Social Media Experiment

I recently posted the poster art by Mark Foster on a fairly well known social media page, and the response was...mixed. Many people adored it! Many people hated it. Some could not decide. The main judgement was that the typography was ridiculous and that the background needed more blurring. We'll be fixing all that AND superimposing planets, stars, and, naturally, abyssal structures into the background. Let us add the fact that the house may be re-done, it depends.

Part II
- - -
A New Concept Artist

To the concept artist team, we welcome UK photographer and musician Gregg Stockdale! He shot some awesome photographs inside a derelict WWII airbase and added some creepy filters. Soon, he'll be photoshopping his way to Non-Euclidean madness by distorting the image and replacing the window with another image. Says Gregg of the images - 
...this is a rough layout for an idea I had earlier. I'm using the window image as a metaphor for the whole "portal" idea in the story, its like Gilman is looking through a window to another dimension in his dreams. Admittedly it is a subtle, almost tenuous idea, but I think it looks quite cool.
And it does. Here are the photographs, without the final effects set in.

He also offered up some of his music - tracks from a stunning ambient album entitled "Hag of the Tattered Vestments." While we could sadly not use this music in Witch House, we will be using it in another horror film - a short anthology picture entitled Fungi from Yuggoth which will feature adaptations of five Lovecraft stories - 
  • The Beast, from The Beast in the Cave
  • Dagon
  • Nyarlathotep
  • The Rats, from The Rats in the Walls
  • The Whisperer, from The Whisperer in Darkness
After Fungi, we'll be taking on a very big and very secret Lovecraft film. We will also be making a few shorts based on folklore, and we will use his music there as well.

Thank you, Gregg! We appreciate it, and the photography looks awesome!

Part III.
A Geoff Davies Production

On a final sidenote, Geoff Davies, a Lovecraft fan, posted a parody poster in response to the Mark Foster Mission. I especially like the tagline - I find it hilarious.

You've got to love him.