Wednesday, January 29, 2014


To that wonderful Lovecraftian rock opera!

I made it myself. I think it is rather nice.

Anywho, I've been having a fitful week of editing. We've not been able to find an actor to play Gilman. I was always going to play the former, but it seems I am also going to have to play the latter. So I slightly edited the scene at the palace of Azathoth...

Moving forward! Please email me at

Saturday, January 25, 2014


I have created a page on this site for Black Flag TV. While it does not have anything to do with our film, the owner put out a Tweet asking to advertise for it on a film site. I'll support that notion - always happy to help.

 - B.O.C.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Props - READY!

Jason McKittrick, head of Cryptocurium, has agreed to make props! We are getting this...

...with the athame and bowl of Keziah Mason.

We plan to purchase this anywhere between the 5th and 9th of February - it will (under forgiving circumstances) ship on Valentine's Day (the 14th). We will then proceed with our ambitions. We thank Mr. McKittrick with his patience and support for our project. He is a wonderful artist - best of luck to him.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Emailing With Cryptocurium

The two "Witch House" based collections Cryptocurium has done

Jason McKittrick has emailed me regarding info on the props, and I told him what we were looking for. I am awaiting his response.

I basically asked him for the small collection (which is the second picture) with a possible prop from the big collection (in all probability, the skull of Brown Jenkin). He seems to be a very nice man and an extremely talented artist. Bravo, Mr. McKittrick!

Proof-Read of Script

Cover art for Dreams in the Witch House: A Lovecraftian Rock Opera, done wonderfully by Carlos Garcia Rivera. Maybe something similar to film poster...? Possibly not. This isn't a film of the album, it just features the soundtrack.

I've made some minor edits to the script - particularly one scene in the palace/temple of Azathoth. I believe that this nip and switch has increased a bit of suspense before the face of Nyarlathotep. I believe the music cue change also helps.

A few changes were also made in the sole Miskatonic scene the final montage, and also a certain scene between Keziah and Gilman. A fitful day of editing.

"I Have A Dream" (Short Version)

A great man who fought for peace and equality - HAPPY MARTIN LUTHER KING DAY!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

In Contact With Cryptocurium!

After a brief conversation with Jason McKittrick (creator of Lovecraftian props at Cryptocurium), he said he MIGHT (I stress that greatly) be able to work something out with us prop-wise, as he is a huge fan of the album Dreams in the Witch House: A Lovecraftian Rock Opera. I believe that at a later date he may disagree with our situation...but we'll try!

In other terms than us commissioning props, we have a cast planned out! It isn't fully secured, but we know that the actors/actresses have a good background (actually, with us!). I have faith in the girls who are (probably) playing Keziah and Josephine - they're our cousins, and they are pretty good actresses (in our opinion, at most).

Brendan and I are starting to envision Azathoth's palace - I made a heavy description of it in the script. I have a strong vision for the animation - something Scarfian (meaning something like the artist Gerald Scarfe would draw). Claymation? Coloured pencil? Maybe even something with a computer program? So many choices...

We are standing by for an email from Cryptocurium, while we move forward with post-production. I'll keep you guys updated. Hopefully an email from Mr. McKittrick will bring good news. We thank him, Mike Dalager, and all our other supporters! Hang tight!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Music - READY!

Mike Dalager has not had a chance to read the screenplay. BUT he has said that we are allowed to make the film with the music in any case, and, if he does read the script, he will offer constructive criticism.

Of course, credits must be approved, but that is too far away to think about at present. It has been wonderful being in contact with Mr. Dalager and I thank him for actually doing that. Our team thanks him greatly for all his support.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Kyle McLean Booted Off as Producer

Kyle McLean, originally listed as a producer, is being booted off.

The reason why?

He doesn't have faith in the project nor enthusiasm. I cannot have someone involved who does not believe in or have passion in this work. I am thus taking him off as producer.

Brendan said to be a little less harsh, but we both know that Kyle wasn't into it in the first place.

No regrets, yo.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Azablog Wants YOU!

A new addition to Azablog is the +1 button! This allows you to publicly recommend Dreams in the Witch House on Google+!

PLEASE give this project a wider audience and PRESS THAT BUTTON! It is right under my profile...

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Script Finished

I have finished the script!

I believe it is rather faithful to the tale. Of course, one has to take a few liberties - which I did.

Also, I am now director! Brendan believed that I was a little more spirited in the project than he was, so I took over. He will be on set as executive producer. All we have to do is bring the cast together and get the thumbs up from Dreams in the Witch House - A Lovecraftian Rock Opera (they need to be okay with the music cues). I am standing by for answer from producer/writer/star Mike Dalager. Once that is done, shooting begins!

The official crew -

Black Pharaoh Pictures and Red Death Productions present




Executive Producer

Based on the tale by

With very special music by
Platform Studios, Polar Studios and the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society present


Music by
Chris Laney  Anders Ringman  Lennart Östlund

Lyrics by
Mike Dalager  Andrew Leman

Book by
Sean Branney  Andrew Leman

Executive Producer
Mike Dalager

A concept album based on The Dreams in the Witch House (1933) by H.P. Lovecraft

Saturday, January 11, 2014

"Witch House" Validation!

After a bit of contact with Mr. Mike Dalager (executive producer, star, and co-lyricist of Dreams in the Witch House - A Lovecraftian Rock Opera), we have obtained the ability to use the music from the concept album in our film!

I've spent a little time writing music cues into the script. I am also directing the epilogue, which is just music ("Madness is My Destiny") and imagery (no telling! But it's gonna be awesome...).

Brendan is the director of the film, you see. He's also the executive producer. I'm a producer, and an associate - Kyle McLean - is another producer. Black Pharaoh Pictures is a B & B Productions brand, while my company - Red Death Productions - is the main distributor.

We would like to thank Mike Dalager, Chris Laney, the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society, and all the rest for their support of our efforts.

We are in post-production. The script is nearly finished. I plan to send it to Mr. Dalager for approval of the music cues.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Welcome to the Witch House...

The darkness always teemed with unexplained sound - and yet he sometimes shook with fear lest the noises he heard should subside and allow him to hear certain other fainter noises which he suspected were lurking behind them.

 - H.P. Lovecraft; "The Dreams in the Witch House"

Hi. I'm Brian O'Connell, owner and proprietor of Red Death Productions.

A recent time ago, my brother Brendan approached me with the idea of making a film based on H.P. Lovecraft's The Dreams in the Witch House - not one of Lovecraft's more popular tales, but a greatly written tale of good ol' cosmic horror. I told him, "You know, funny thing you should mention that" or something along those lines and I showed him my review of a concept album that had come out in late October - Dreams in the Witch House - A Lovecraftian Rock Opera. This absolutely fantastic album had prompted me to read the story, and we both immediately agreed upon the fact that it (the story) had film quality - big film quality.

Now my brother and I work fast, and soon enough we had a cast planned out. I was writing the script, while Brendan was the director of the film. To condense things a bit, I took the character of Joe Mazurewicz, made him female (Josephine) and gave her the last name Desrochers. Brendan is working on an animated version of antagonist Brown Jenkin, while we have a few cousins slated to play Josephine Desrochers and Keziah Mason the Witch. I myself am going to play the Black Pharaoh, and I'm currently slated to play protagonist Walter Gilman himself. I am a producer while Brendan is executive producer. We are distributing the film under the banner "Black Pharaoh Pictures," with Red Death Productions being associated with it, too.

What's more,we have asked the rock opera itself if we can use their music in the film. They replied:

Hey guys!  The film project sounds cool! Thanks for checking in with our team before using our tracks. Write me at and tell me a little more about your film idea. I'll forward that info to all Witch House producers and we'll see what we can do. Rock on!

I will ask you all to support this album by buying their album! It's worth it!

The film is now in post-production. Stay tuned for updates! Happy New Year!