Sunday, January 19, 2014

In Contact With Cryptocurium!

After a brief conversation with Jason McKittrick (creator of Lovecraftian props at Cryptocurium), he said he MIGHT (I stress that greatly) be able to work something out with us prop-wise, as he is a huge fan of the album Dreams in the Witch House: A Lovecraftian Rock Opera. I believe that at a later date he may disagree with our situation...but we'll try!

In other terms than us commissioning props, we have a cast planned out! It isn't fully secured, but we know that the actors/actresses have a good background (actually, with us!). I have faith in the girls who are (probably) playing Keziah and Josephine - they're our cousins, and they are pretty good actresses (in our opinion, at most).

Brendan and I are starting to envision Azathoth's palace - I made a heavy description of it in the script. I have a strong vision for the animation - something Scarfian (meaning something like the artist Gerald Scarfe would draw). Claymation? Coloured pencil? Maybe even something with a computer program? So many choices...

We are standing by for an email from Cryptocurium, while we move forward with post-production. I'll keep you guys updated. Hopefully an email from Mr. McKittrick will bring good news. We thank him, Mike Dalager, and all our other supporters! Hang tight!