Friday, June 20, 2014

The KingOvRats Abyss - Part III

WOW! KingOvRats uploaded a lot of Abyssal awesomeness tonight, and even a Brown Jenkin skeleton sketch! Now let's dream into the twilight abyss...

A cluster of spider web-like planes.

A surrealistic Cyclopean building.

The movement of the glowing congeries of spheres and bubbles. Michal says that it should move more like a group of spheres rather than a single entity.

This serves as both the movement of the Polyhedron Monster AND a multi-perspective, as the Polyhedron constantly changes.

"I'm such a pretty skeleton!"

The "ophidian animation" of the Arabesque Creature.

The jellyfish-like movement of the small Bubble Congeries.

A sketch showing the Abyssal Centipedes interacting with the Abyss.