Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Another Fantastic Addition to Our Creative Team

Yeah, we're getting carried away, aren't we?

The cartoonist, filmmaker, and friend of Richard Svensson, Daniel Lenneér (founder of Millroad Film), has joined us as the computer animator for the Abyss. He will be bringing the non-stop-motion designs of KingOvRats to life. As of present, these will be...

  • The Arabesque Creature
  • The Bubble Congeries and the Polyhedron
We will also ask him to animate other "inorganic" creatures in the Abyss when we have the designs for those.

Mr. Lenneér has worked on many other Lovecraft films (all of them notable), co-directing and co-writing (with Richard Svensson, another collaborator on our project) one of the greatest amateur Lovecraft films ever - The Shadow Out of Time.

His earlier attempts, Eye of Evil (with Richard Svensson) and Earthbound (this being a parody of the formula of an H.P. Lovecraft tale), are also wonderful. Another - the first ever adaptation of At the Mountains of Madness and a sheer masterpiece of entertainment - is Terror from the Abyss, which successfully combines Lovecraftian horror with comedy. Richard Svensson obligingly supplied a stunning stop-motion shoggoth.

We appreciate Daniel's cooperation and cannot wait to see what he will put together!

By the way, I've reviewed BOTH films here.