Monday, June 9, 2014

The KingOvRats Abyss - A Lot of Abyss-ness

Enjoy some Abyssal goodness, brought to you by KingOvRats!

Puppet Movement

Michal (KingOvRats) sent me some rough sketches for the movement of the Hindu Idol and sketches for the front and back of Brown Jenkin a while ago. He didn't want me to post them here because they were very very rough. Then he sent me more composed sketches along with a new one for the Octopoid Creature, but he did not want me to post it here until he posted it there.

This one was actually a nice story-board style sketch.

Michal imagines the movement of the Hindu Idol in a way that almost seems as if it is "unfolding." The entire body is in a ball, then opens up. The fan-like headdress unfolds, the tentacles erupt from the arms, and the tongues roll out from the mouth. It screams.

"Tee hee hee!"


Some downright lovely images of the Bubble Congeries and the Polyhedron Monster. Note that I did not put in the violet text.

Shuddery things, they are!


KingOvRats does not think he is great at environments or architecture, but kindly supplied a few sketches for the Abyss itself and the non-organic creatures. Both look fantastic.

The first is a labyrinthine, non-organic monster of the Abyss. The second is a web-like structure in the Abyss itself, where you can see the Octopoid and the Centipede in the darkness. I decided to put these two together as their singular images were much too small.

Thank you, Michal!