Friday, February 14, 2014

Lovecraftian Science - "Dreams in the Witch House"

Lovecraftian Science is a very interesting Wordpress blog that does scientific investigations into the Cthulhu Mythos. The scientist (who I only know as "Fred") is wonderful at writing and I believe that he brings up some very interesting things.

Fred recently posted a series of articles on The Dreams in the Witch House. Here are all of them! Please support his site!

The Mathematics of the Witch House; Pt. One
Very interesting.

The Mathematics of the Witch House; Pt. Two Hyperspace
A cool article about the fourth dimension.

The Mathematics of the Witch House; Pt. Three Higher Dimensions
You know, its strange because my draft of the script saw Gilman using a tesseract and I found this which mentioned the same geometrical concept. 

The Mathematics of the Witch House; Pt. Four How to Travel Through Hyperspace
A kind of follow-up to the second article, fascinating.

Pt. Five What Exactly is Brown Jenkin?
Bringing out the big guns - who or what is Brown Jenkin? This brings cool answers to that question.

Pt. Six Elder Things in the Witch House
Really cool and comprehensive article. Brings some interesting things to light about the Elder Things. Also contains a shout-out to the rock opera.

Pt. Seven A Few Thoughts on the Discussion of The Dreams in the Witch House
A wrapper-upper piece. Another positive thought on our beloved album, too. Finishing up the rest of it all.