Friday, February 7, 2014

Props Are Secure!

Jason McKittrick and I have selected a time for the sale of our prop set!

I have commissioned...
  • The athame that belonged to the witch Keziah Mason, used in her dark Halloween and Walpurgisnacht rituals to Nyarlathotep.
  • A violet resin Elder Thing statue that was found in Walter Gilman's bed after he had broken it off in a triple star system inhabited by the monstrous entities dubbed the Elder Things by Prof. Lake and Prof. Dyer (in At the Mountains of Madness).
  • A photo of the fabled Witch House of Arkham, taken before it was razed.
  • A frontispiece from Keziah Mason's trial, featuring a woodcut of the witch herself.
  • A woodcut of Brown Jenkin, the demonic familiar belonging to Keziah/Nahab that is reputed to haunt the Witch House.
  • A page from the spellbook of the witch Keziah Mason, depicting vaguely geometrical lines and curves that can allegedly transport one through hyperspace (the scientific concept of the fourth dimension).
  • Walter Gilman's physics/advanced mathematics notebook, used in his classes with Prof. Upham at the fabled Miskatonic University.
Also, I am editing the script - actually, adding a scene on Halloween (something that should've been in there in the first place). I'm planning to add a little reference to Nyarlathotep's home on dark Yuggoth.

I am very anxious to get these props. I might give one to each of the major cast members as a memento of the film...and a few will probably showcased in the possible documentary.

The props I have commissioned.