Saturday, May 10, 2014

Brown Jenkin, Nyarlathotep, and Elder Things!

WOW! Have I a lot to tell you!

First, Brendan has done a bloody good blueprint for the Brown Jenkin puppet.

Secondly, we're gonna build our Elder Thing soon!

And thirdly, I am happy to announce that we are in contact with Richard Svensson, the Lone Animator!

In the script I wrote, Nyarlathotep keeps changing back and forth from the Black Man to the Howler in the Dark. We're low on materials and we need to focus on the more important stuff like Brown Jenkin. So, Mr. Svensson has agreed to animate the Howler in the Dark!

He built a puppet for this avatar a while ago, but he never managed to use it. Which means our film is the first time it'll be used in action! YES!

"Here's the final monster, with PAX paint smoothing out the overall colour scheme, and acrylic airbrush colours adding shadows and highlights.
Yes children, this is how the world will look when the black howler finally appears on Earth." - Richard Svensson, "My Lovecraftian Alphabet part 2"

We thank Richard Svensson from the uttermost nether pits of blasphemous darkness.

And by that I mean thank you so much!