Sunday, April 27, 2014

Behind-the-Scenes of the "No Turning Back" Music Video

The modified HPLHS Motion Pictures logo, made for the music video. Loving that disco ball!

Alright! I just read a fascinating interview on From Beyond which offered some enlightening info on the "No Turning Back" music video in the form of an interview with Andrew Leman of the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society.

Andrew Leman in black-and-white. What a MythoScope photo.

A lot of people in the comments (not on the Witch House Rocks channel - the HPLHS channel) were complaining about the inaccurate part of the video where Keziah actually DOES the sacrifice. I find that annoying. But Andrew Leman says...

We used some actual clips from "Häxan" itself, and we also recreated one of the scenes from that classic film so that we could include our Witch and the Black Man. The scenes that play over the intertitle cards, where the witches are flying past the camera and the demons are waving to them, are actually scenes from "Häxan" itself. Because that film is Scandinavian and from the early 1920s, it seemed an absolutely perfect fit for the video. There’s a scene in that movie where a witch sacrifices an infant, and since there’s a similar scene in the story, we thought it would be great to recreate that scene but use the characters from Lovecraft’s tale, played by the actors in our cast.
One of the intertitles from the video, featuring a clip from the silent film Häxan.


We also got some pictures of the distorted Witch House model being built. Turns out it was started back in June, 2013. That's hard work!

It started out like that.

Actual wooden shingles!

The Witch House stands atop a hill. Silhouetted Arkham is in the background, while plastic clouds appear to rain - though it is just a piece of cloth.

When it's put all together, we get a perfect place for Keziah Mason to haunt Walter Gilman!

It turns out Gilman's room was, rather unsurprisingly, inspired by the fantastic Expressionist silent film, The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari. The fabulously distorted and tilting angles show it!

Whoever did that set is a bloody genius!

Finally, Mr. Leman was asked about the words "THIS IS NOT THE END" on the closing title card.

They're right at the top, in case you didn't notice.

Mr. Leman cryptically replied...

What I can tell you is that we know that this video will not be the final chapter in the life of Dreams in the Witch House - A Lovecraftian Rock Opera. It may go on to concert performances, a fully-realized stage show, more videos, or any number of other things. Mike and his team are highly talented, and Mike is an ambitious and visionary producer.
Inspiring words.

All credit goes to the amazing From Beyond. Check out the interview for more info (click here for it in English), and check out their site for much more!

The music video is fantastic. Everybody looks like they're having fun.

You've got to give a hand to Alaine Kashian.

Another thing I wanted to tell you about is the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society's new Dark Adventure Radio Theatre! Can you guess what it is? That's right - it's...

Art by Darrell Tutchton. Now he can draw Brown Jenkin!

So, let us close off on this note with the amazing "No Turning Back" music video, which we now know a little more about.

Ohhhhhh yeah.